• The deacons are responsible for managing the church property. This would include making sure the place of worship is prepared for the worship service, cleaning up, or running the sound system.

  • Benevolence: Similar to what took place in External link opens in new tab or windowActs 6:1–6 with the daily distribution to the widows; the deacons may be involved in administrating funds or other assistance to the needy.

  • Ushers: The deacons could be responsible for distributing bulletins, seating the congregation, or preparing the elements for communion.

  • Logistics: Deacons should be available to help in variety of ways so the pastor will be able to concentrate on teaching and shepherding the church.

  • As Jesus gives insight into the nature of His church, using the symbol of the body in 1 Corinthians 12, so it is that when we join the church, we become "Members" of the body of Christ and are equipped for specific functions by the Holy Spirit. God wills that the various "body parts" (members) function effectively toward the common goal of the church: making disciples for Jesus Christ. We are forerunners for Christ and assist in the leadership of our Church.
    Deacons are not afraid to dream a new dream and verbalize it.
    They can rally the troops so that Christians might begin to penetrate the world with the good news.  
    We have a vision to focus and move toward fulfilling the Great Commission.                                                                                               
    JW Brown  John Buckson
    Ditrik Clifton Michael Harper
    Ronnie Henson Benny Miller
    Chris Taylor Willie Robinson
    Sammie Brewton, Chairman Carlton Brown, Co-Chairman